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Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine for 40cm Dia Round Wood Logs

Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine for 40cm Dia Round Wood LogsMulti Blade Rip Saw Machine for 40cm Dia Round Wood Logs

Wood Log Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine For Logs Diameter from 7- 40cm

Model No.QHRS15-30QHRS25-40
Cutting Length50-400cm
Cutting Diameterφ15-φ30cm
Main Motor Power
Feeding Motor1.1kwx2sets1.5kwx2sets
Spindle Diameterφ60mmφ80mm
Spindle Speed
Infeed Speed0-5m/min
Cooling System
 Water Sprays Out from Spindle

Performance of This Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine:

1.You can change the spacer to cut different sizes of planks

2.Both short logs and long logs can be cutted

3.The water spray device is in the rear part of the machine. It is convenient and simple to change the saw blade clamp, saving time and effort

4.The humanized design of the key parts ,making the multi rip saw waterproof, dustproof and easy to maintain, without damaging each saw blades

5.This multi blade saw uses ultra-thin small-size saw blades, load is small, saving materials and electricity

Features of This Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine:

1.Strong Structure:Heavy duty design,structure is strong and runs steadily,performance is stable

2.High Efficiency: Upper and lower shaft structure, multi-piece blades sawing, continuous discharge, 5-6 times better than band saw efficiency

3.Feeding Power:Multi-power feeding throughout the process to reduce the labor intensity,The pressure roller device adopts the fulcrum type power roller, and the feeding is smooth and strong.timber is not easily jammed

4.Main Spindle:The Main spindle of this multi chip saw is made of high-quality materials, which is quenched and tempered, chrome-plated, dynamic balance treatment,with high stability,it is  wear-resistant and anti-rust

5.Cooling System:It adopts the spindle core spraying water technology, which is dustproof and environmental ,to protect the saw blades, ensure the saw blades working continoursly, and extend the life of the saw blades

6. Main frame: Main frame body is integrated and aging treated, whichi is more stable,durable and will not get deformed even after years of working
7.Bearings:To keep the spindle of this sawmill log cutting saw machine more flexible and prolong the service life of the saw blades, we use the internationally renowed bearing SKF brand,which is assembled in a dust-free and heated evironment

To see the working video of this machine,please click here: Sawmill Multi Blade Saw

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