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We use brand standard accessories and home made (under strict quality inpsection system) non-standard accessores;Main accessories are guaranteed for one year,such as motors,reducers,rollers,machine body,servo drive etc.Wearing parts are not guaranteed,such as peeling knife,electric contactors,operating buttons etc. .

  • Warehouse for the accessories
  • Warehouse for the accessories 2
  • Rollers for veneer peeling machine
  • Rollers for spindleless veneer peeling machine
  • Roller bearing cup for veneer peeler
  • C & U Bearings For rollers of veneer peeler
  • Guide screw for veneer peeling lathe
  • Brass nut for guide screw of veneer rotary lathe
  • Guide screw and brass nut assembled
  • Cast steel balde carrier for veneer peeling machine
  • SG brand peeling blade peeling knife
  • Brand Hardened Gear Reducer
  • Brand servo motor for veneer peeling machine
  • Brand servo drive for spindleless lathe
  • Cylinder from Wuxi for plywood hot press machine
  • Hot platens for plywood hot press
  • Solid hot platen for press veneer dryer

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