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How To Reduce Unnecessary Power Loss In Agricultural Machinery Operations?

Apr. 28, 2019

Here is Plywood Press Machinery manufacturer talking about How to reduce unnecessary power loss in agricultural machinery operations.

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Plywood Press Machine

An agricultural machinery is an advanced tool that is inseparable from agricultural production and peasant life. The use of agricultural machinery is more and more frequent, and its space for energy conservation is also quite large. From the point of view of use, in addition to strengthening the maintenance of agricultural machinery and maintaining a good technical state, agricultural machinery energy conservation should also focus on reducing unnecessary power loss and saving unnecessary fuel consumption. The ten examples listed below may seem trivial at first glance, but over time, the effect of reducing the unnecessary energy consumption of agricultural machinery is considerable.

1. Proper use and maintenance of the exhaust pipe and muffler, including frequent removal of carbon deposits in the muffler, timely repair of the damaged muffler, exhaust pipe not installed forward, no use of self-made too thin and too long exhaust Tube and so on. According to the measurement, if the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the Type 195 diesel engine is reduced by 10 mm, the engine power will be additionally consumed by 0.75 kW.

2. Always maintain a good technical state of the agricultural vehicle walking system. If the wheel is too tight and the tire pressure is too low, the frictional resistance of the vehicle will increase. According to tests, 30%-40% of the vehicle's output power is consumed to overcome the rolling resistance of the tire. Therefore, the air pressure specified by the tire should be kept constant, and the road should be driven correctly and selected.

3. Strengthen the maintenance of the braking system of agricultural vehicles, especially to prevent the brakes from being stuck. That is, the brake friction plates are in contact with the brake drums in the non-braking state. The simple method of judging the brakes is to touch the system by hand. Whether the drum is often hot.

4. When the tractor with the air pump is engaged in fixed operations such as pumping, power generation, and processing, the belt of the air compressor should be removed. After testing the tractor with a pneumatic brake trailer, the power consumed by the engine to drive the air compressor is about 1.5 kW at a low pressure of about 1.1 kW and high pressure; underrated conditions, the engine drive accessory (referring to the cooling fan, Pumps, generators, air compressors, etc.) consume approximately 10% of the total power.

5. When the locomotive with power steering device makes a sharp turn, the steering wheel should be slightly relaxed after the steering wheel is turned to the limit position, so that the spool valve of the distribution valve can return to the neutral position, otherwise the maximum oil pressure in the hydraulic system will be too long, which will result in The engine consumes too much power and increases wear and tear on the components.

6. When the tractor is engaged in transportation and does not use the hydraulic hanging type of agricultural tools in the field operation, the power of the hydraulic oil pump should be separated by the joystick, which can reduce the power consumption of the engine and prevent the wear of the hydraulic suspension system.

7. If the tractor is equipped with a permanent magnet alternator, the permanent magnet generator should be removed during daytime operation, which not only reduces the power consumption of the engine but also prevents damage to the generator bearings and regulators and extends the generator. The service life.

8. Install the farmland irrigation water pump to avoid the anti-aircraft gun type. That is, the water outlet should be as close as possible to the horizontal plane of the channel. When the height difference between the irrigation ground and the water source is 10m, if the installed outlet pipe outlet is 1m above the channel level, it will consume 10 more. % of energy (electricity or fuel), the solution is to minimize the height of the water outlet pipe

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