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Machinery And Equipment Needed By Plywood Manufacturers

Jan. 14, 2020

The veneer that is cut with the spin of a tree and the two or more layers bonded together after sizing is called plywood. Today, Plywood Processing Equipment supplier will briefly talk about the machinery needed to make plywood.

1. Rotary cutting machine: Rotary cutting machine is a special equipment for cutting trees into veneers, and it is also the first process of making plywood. In general, rotary cut veneer and plywood are separated, that is to say, rotary cut veneer is a factory, and plywood is a factory. There are many types of Veneer Rotary Cutting Machine, but the whole can be divided into two categories: card rotary cutter and cardless rotary cutter.

2. Piping machine: Piping machine is a device that cuts the veneer cut out into a certain size. It is commonly used in manual, foot and electric forms. Manual skinning is a common skinning method, with low investment and low efficiency. The feet are flexible and convenient, and the investment is not large, but only one skin can be scraped at a time, so the efficiency is not high. Electric cymbals can slap dozens of skins at a time. The investment is slightly larger, but the efficiency is high, and certain conditions are required for use. Manual and electric are suitable for card-free rotary cutters, while those with card rotary cutters are more flexible with foot motion.

3. Veneer tooth jointing machine: When producing plywood, plywood, multi-layer boards, floor substrates, craft furniture boards, construction coated boards, container boards, blockboards, the board area is small, and multiple boards Perform vertical stitching.

4. Veneer dryer: The veneer dryer is a device for drying the cut veneer. The purpose is to reduce the moisture content of the veneer, so as to facilitate the application of glue when making plywood. The current veneer dryers include: mesh belt dryers, roller dryers, veneer drying boxes, press-type veneer dryers, chimney evaporation drying equipment, etc.

5. Glue making equipment: Glue making equipment is the equipment for making plywood adhesive. Generally, rubber manufacturers are made by professional manufacturers, and only a small number of manufacturers make their own. A self-made workshop must have a dedicated workshop and professional technicians, so it is not recommended to make it yourself.

6. Blending glue machine: Blending glue machine is a device for blending plywood glue. Because plywood glue is not necessarily suitable, and additives are needed for blending, this equipment specifically blends the viscosity of the glue.

7. Gluing machine: The gluing machine is a device for gluing veneer. After the veneer is glued, the planking worker spreads it to a certain thickness before applying pressure. Commonly used glue machines are three-roller and four-roller, depending on the length of 1.3 meters and 2.6 meters.

Plywood Hot Press Machine

Plywood Hot Press Machine

8. Pre-pressing machine: Pre-pressing machine, also called cold pressing machine, is a device that pre-presses the plywood finished by the planking workers to a basic thickness in advance, in order to effectively use the hot-pressing machine. There are two types of machines: upper and lower.

9. Plywood Hot Press Machine: The hot press is a major process in the manufacturing process of plywood, which directly affects the quality of plywood.

10. Edge sawing machine: The edge sawing machine is a device for sawing hot-pressed plywood into a specification. The device has two types of manual feeding and automatic feeding according to the feeding method, and it is divided into 3x6 feet, 4x8 feet and adjustable specifications according to the fixed specifications.

11. Sanding machine: Sanding machine is a device for modifying the surface of the finished board. This equipment is related to the surface of the product, so it is very important.

12. Forklift: Plywood cannot be separated from the forklift, and the position of the board needs to be adjusted at any time.

The above is the machinery and equipment needed by plywood manufacturers, I hope to help everyone.

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