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7.5Ton Hardwood Veneer Peeling Lathe with Clipper Spindleless Veneer Peeler

7.5Ton Hardwood Veneer Peeling Lathe with Clipper Spindleless Veneer Peeler7.5Ton Hardwood Veneer Peeling Lathe with Clipper Spindleless Veneer Peeler

7.5Ton Strong Fast Spindleless Veneer Peeling Machine With Servo For Making Plywood Core Veneer 

Strong Structure Made of Cast Steel, 

Weight 7500kgs

Fast Speed 20-120m/min

With Servo Motor and Servo Drive Control

Max Peeling Diameter φ450mm


Model No.BX1400A-8
Max Peeling Length1300mm
Max Peeling Diameterφ450mm
Left Log Diameterφ30mm
Peeling Thickness0.5-5.0mm
Thickness Tolerance±0.05mm
Peeling Speed20-120m/min
Feeding Method
Double Roller Moves,Single Roller and Knife Fixed
Material of Knife TableCast Steel
Reducer Gearbox TypeR87
Motor For Rollers15kwx2sets
Motor for Feeding11kw Servo Drive
Clipper Motor1.5kwx2sets

Note: 1. This perfect type wood veneer peeling machine is our patent type,designed for peeling hardwood logs,it is different from all other machines you can find in the market and the veneer clipper is builtin the veneer peeling machine,one machine two functions,which can save layout space and labor cost

2. The knife table is made of cast steel ,which is more durable and will not deform,thus the peeling accuracy is guaranteed

3. The feeding method is double roller moving forward backward,single roller and peeling knife fixed,this structure makes the feeding more stable,and peeling accuracy is higher

4. The peeling speed of this machine is 20-90m/min ,controlled by inverters

5. The feeding motor is a 11kw servo motor and control system is a 15kw servo drive,which is more stable than inverter control systems .

6. The weight of this machine is up to 7500kgs,it is the most heavy 4ft peeler machine which you can find in the market .

7. To See the Working Video of This Spindleless Veneer Rotary Lathe:

Please click here:Video of Wood Veneer Peeer

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