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Round Wood Multi-saw Saw Use And Features Detailed Introduction

May. 13, 2019

As a manufacturer of Multi Blade Rip Saw Machinery, we will discuss Round Wood Multi-saw Saw Use And Features Detailed Introduction with you.

The log multi-blade saw is a device that can cut a log into a plurality of plates at a time. The log can be cut into sheets of different thickness by adjusting the installation distance of the saw blade. Its purpose is to process the wood. The lieutenant logs are opened into sheets for the subsequent order, featuring smooth feeding, high sawing precision, easy operation, and high processing efficiency.

 Multi Blade Rip Saw Machinery

Features of Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine in detail:

Compared with the band saw machine, the multi-saw saw is mainly used for longitudinal sawing of small-diameter round wood. It can cut many sheets according to the pre-adjusting size and can be used for joinery. In the cutting process of the log saw of the board and finger joint board factory. Compared with the band saw processing, the multi-blade saw has high processing efficiency, simple operation, and low technical requirements for the operator.

The saw blade has a cooling device that makes the saw blade less prone to burning and extends the life of the saw blade. The utility model adopts double-row sharp tooth chain feeding, and the active material feeding guiding device at the discharging end can make the sawing process not easy to clamp the saw blade and improve the smoothness;

The headstock advance and retreat guide rail and the feed rail are lubricated by a lubrication pump, which can make the guide rail less prone to wear and prolong the use time and accuracy of the guide rail.

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