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15 Layers Veneer Hot Press Dryer Machine Plywood Veneer Drying Machine

15 Layers Veneer Hot Press Dryer Machine Plywood Veneer Drying Machine

 Technical Specification:

Model No


Layer Quantity

15 Layers

Hot Platen Quantity

16 pcs

Hot Platen Size

1370x2700x42 mm ,Solid Platen

Distance Between Layers


Cylinder Size


Cylinder Quantity

 2 Units

Nominal Pressure

40 KN

Hydraulic Rated Pressure

8 Mpa

Closing System

Synchronizing Close

Closing Time

15 s

Heating Medium

Thermal Oil or Steam Water

Boiler Capacity Required

0.5T Steam Boiler or 300000Kcal Oil Boiler

Temperature Required


Drying Capacity

35 m³/24 hours

Final Moisture After Dry


Motor Power


Frame Structure

Bolting Knockdown Type 

Operating Workers

Four Workers Can Operate Two Units Dryer


3290x1370x2875 mm


25000 kg

Key Features:

1. This is hot press breath type veneer dryer machine,the hot platens are solid platens like hot press machines,and the surface of the platens are milled with grooves,so the water will come out soon after press . This structure makes it very efficient and productive,its drying capacity is 35m³/ day 24 hours .We have many customers in Indonesia and India using this type dryer .

2. Its motor power only 13kw,average electricity consumption only 5kw/ hour,so the drying cost is very low .

3. This hot press veneer dryer machine is heated by steam water or oil,so you can use steam boiler or oil boiler,and you can burn waste wood to heat the boilers. Cost is very low.

4. As the veneer is pressed by solid hot platens when working, so veneer will because very flat after dry, and the veneer spoil rate is very low.

5.It is equipped with the pinion and rack balancing system to keep the machines runs smoothly

6.Synchronize close system used ,to guarantee that all the layers close at the same time

To see the working video of this machine,click the below words with links:core veneer dryer machine for plywood 

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