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High Speed Strong Veneer Peeling Machine with Clipper Inbuilt

Apr. 05, 2018

Technical Specifications:

Name:Veneer Peeling Lathe With Clipper Inside

Model No.:BX1400HV

Max Peeling Length:1300mm

Max Peeling Diameter:φ500mm

Remaining Core Diameter:φ30mm

Peeling Thickness:0.8-5.0mm

Peeling Speed:40-130m/min

Knife Table Structure:Cast Steel 

Roller Motor:7.5kwx4sets

Feeding Motor:11kw Servo Motor x 1 set

Clipper Motor:1.5kw x 2 sets

Gearbox Type:Hard Square Gearbox 

Feeding Method:Double Roller Moving , Single Roller Not Moving 



7.5ton spindleless veneer lathe

Qianhui 7.5ton spindleless veneer peeling lathe

Qianhui high speed spindleless veneer lathe

Qianhui high speed spindleless veneer peeling lathe

control panel of Qianhui spindleless veneer peeling machine

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