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New Type Veneer Peeling Machine with Clipper Builtin BX1400A-6

Oct. 09, 2021

New Type Servo Veneer Peeling Machine with Clipper Builtin

Model No.:BX1400A-6

Max Peeling Length:1300mm

Max Peeling Diameter: φ400mm 

Leftover Diameter:φ20mm

Peeling Thickness:0.5-2.6mm

Thickness Tolerance:±0.05mm

Output Speed:40-80m/min

Feeding Method: Peeling knife and front roller moving,double roller fixed

Lubricating Method: Automatic Lubrication

Motor for Rollers:7.5kw x 4sets

Motor for Feeding: 11kw Servo Motor

Motor for Clipper Blade: 1.5kw

Motor for Clipper Rubber Roller: 1.5kw

Motor for Output Conveyor:0.75kw


Weight: 6500kg

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