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Plywood Hot Press Operating Method

Nov. 13, 2019

Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layered plate-like material which is formed by cutting a wooden section into a veneer or by cutting into a thin wood by wood, and then bonding with an adhesive. Usually, an odd-numbered veneer is used, and adjacent veneers are made. The fiber directions are glued to each other vertically. Plywood is an ideal product for a wide range of applications in building templates, interior decoration, various furniture, office supplies, combination speakers, packaging and cloth exhibitions. The plywood equipment refers to a wood-based panel which is rotated into a single board by a rotary cutter, and then the single board is glued and pressed perpendicularly to each other in the fiber direction. Plywood Manufacturing Equipment is divided according to its process: rotary cutting machine, veneer dryer, rubber coating machine, pre-pressing machine, hot pressing machine, vertical and horizontal sawing machine, sanding machine, etc. Hot presses Mechanical products that we often use in production. Plywood hot presses are upgraded on the basic machine of the hot press. And in the manufacturing industry has been vigorously promoted and used, plywood hot press according to the operation mode divided into two types of continuous and continuous, the domestic commonly used is a periodic multi-layer hot press. Many people don't know enough about the plywood hot press. Today, our Plywood Hot Press Machine supplier will tell you about its operation methods and precautions.

Plywood Hot Press Machine

Plywood Hot Press Machine

Plywood hot press operating method

1. Turn on the hot press power supply to check whether the equipment parameters are within the specified range;

2. Put the hot-pressed product into the hot-pressing fixture to fix it, and the hands should not touch the hot-pressed aluminum plate to prevent burns;

3. Both hands leave the range of the aluminum plate of the hot press, check the abnormal pressure and press the hot pressure switch to make it pressed;

4. After the hot pressure reaches the specified time, it will rise automatically. In case of abnormal conditions, the emergency switch should be quickly pressed;

5. Do not stack any debris above the hot press or next to the switch to prevent danger.

Plywood hot pressing precautions

1. Hot pressing time: The veneer has l6 to 24% resin in the background, and the polycondensation reaction occurs during the hot press curing process. A lot of heat is released, and the thickness of the product is too large, and the heat is released. Thus, when the thickness of the article is greater than 25 mm, the thickness of each millimeter of article is pressed for 4 minutes; when the thickness of the article is less than 25 mm, the thickness of each millimeter of article is pressed for 5 minutes. The hot pressing time is the initial calculation when the unit pressure and the hot plate temperature reach the standard value;

2. Hot pressing temperature: hot plate temperature when loading plate: 40 to 50 degrees Celsius; hot pressing temperature: 145 to 150 degrees Celsius; hot plate temperature when slab is depressurized: 40 to 50 degrees Celsius;

3. Time required for self-loading plate temperature to rise to hot pressing temperature: 30 to 40 minutes when the thickness of the product is greater than 25 mm; 20 to 25 minutes when the thickness of the product is less than 25 mm.

The above content is a detailed introduction of the plywood hot press knowledge shared by the Knife Grinder Machinery manufacturer today. I hope that this introduction can help you better understand and understand the plywood hot press.

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