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How To Maintain The Plywood Hot Press?

Nov. 06, 2019

As an important machine for processing and production, the plywood hot press has a very long working time after starting every day. Therefore, we must carefully check the maintenance before and after the start to ensure safe and normal work. Today, our Hot Press Machine Supplier will introduce you to the maintenance of the plywood hot press.

For the maintenance of plywood hot presses, there are two main aspects, one is the maintenance of the hot platen, and the other is the maintenance of the seal ring and the piston.

Maintenance of hot plate.

1. The upper and lower lining plates of the hot plate are important for protecting the surface of the hot plate. The upper lining plate directly affects the quality of the slab surface. The lining plate and the hot pressing plate often sandwich the wood beam and other dirt. Therefore, the lining plate needs to be periodically removed to remove dust, dirt and impurities. . The upper lining board is generally changed once a week to polish the surface to ensure the quality of the finished board surface;

2. For the installation of the upper liner, be sure to lay the wooden bundle to press it. Broken or slabs of different sizes cannot enter the Plywood Hot Press Machine. It is not allowed to directly press the fiberboard without the liner. Long-term shutdown requires timely elimination of steam condensate in the hot plate to avoid internal corrosion;

3. The hot plate is found to be partially leaked. It can be repaired by electric welding. After welding, the water pressure should be tested. The pressure is 1.2-1.4 times of the steam pressure, and the welding is repaired. If it is a leak caused by severe internal corrosion, it should be replaced;

4. If the bonding machine is shut down for a long time, the steam condensate in the hot plate should be drained to prevent it from corroding the hot plate.

Plywood Hot Press Machine

Plywood Hot Press Machine

So how should the seals and pistons be maintained?

1. The wear or installation of the rubber seal is not correct, which is the direct cause of the oil leakage of the cylinder; the damage or the incorrect position of the piston surface is an indirect cause. When the surface of the piston is good, the correct installation of the rubber sealing ring can last for more than 6 months;

2. When the seal ring needs to be replaced, pay attention to safety and avoid introducing dirt and impurities. Wait until the support plate is fixed and then replace the seal ring. Be careful to prevent the flange from "flanging" so as not to affect the quality. The replaced seal should be carefully inspected to analyze the cause of the damage in order to take preventive measures;

3. The hydraulic oil of the bonding machine should be kept clean and the oil pool should be sealed. The filter of the oil pump suction pipe should be kept intact, and should be replaced if damaged. The sediment in the tank should be removed during maintenance, and the oil should be clarified or filtered for use (the emulsion should be completely replaced). This is also very important for protecting oil pumps and precision valves.

The above is a detailed introduction to the knowledge of plywood hot press shared by everyone today. I hope that through this introduction, we can help you better understand and understand the plywood hot press. If you want to know more, you can contact our plywood hot press manufacturer, we can provide you with plywood manufacturing equipment and Knife Grinder Machinery. I believe that our products will make you satisfied, welcome you.

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