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Maintenance Method and Safety Operation Rules of Hot Press

Jan. 21, 2020

As we all know, the veneer hot press is the most commonly used type of Plywood Processing Equipment in industrial production. The quality of the hot press can only be expressed in use. Here we introduce to you the maintenance work of the hot press.

(1) Full machine inspection every 6 months, according to assembly and commissioning requirements;

(2) Wear of all large and small seals of the hydraulic system and wear of valve cores, springs and valves;

(3) Whether the various parts of the hot press plate of the molding machine are consistent when heating up, and whether the heat conduction oil passage is blocked;

(4) The wear and corrosion of the surface of large pistons and loader pistons requires the section of the seal ring intended to be in a high position;

(5) Wear of gears, pulleys and guide rails; share from ideal old and new equipment.

(6) The horizontal position and basic conditions of the base and frame of the press;

(7) Wear and seal of parts inside each oil pump.

Plywood Hot Press Machine

Plywood Hot Press Machine

Next, I will introduce the safe operating procedures of the hot press:

1. The operation of the hot press needs to be handled by a special person. The structure and performance of the equipment should be understood. Only qualified personnel can operate after being trained.


(1) After the machine is commissioned, the parallelism of the upper and lower beams and the verticality of the columns should be re-checked.

(2) After 200 cycles of the newly installed hot press, all fasteners should be re-tightened.

3.Hot press plate

(1) During work, keep the upper and lower surfaces of the hot platen clean and clean up the debris in time to avoid damaging the surface of the hot plate and affecting the surface quality of the pressed product.

(2) When the Plywood Hot Press Machine is stopped, the hot platen should be in a closed state, and anticorrosive measures must be taken when it is stopped for a long time.


During the production process, pay attention to the cleanliness of the plunger. If there is any impurities in the oil or dirty materials stick to the plunger, the plunger surface may be scratched during the movement, the seal ring will be worn and the oil leakage will occur. If this happens, contact the maintenance personnel in time to replace the plunger and seal.

5. The heat source for the main heat supply of the hot platen should meet the following conditions

(1) For systems using heat transfer oil for heat transfer, when using a hot oil pump, the flow rate of the hot oil in the hot plate should be greater than 0.5m / s.

(2) The heat source system should be equipped with a filter that is easy to disassemble and clean before the oil inlet of the hot oil pump. The filtering accuracy is not greater than 0.5mm, and the flow rate of the filter should be greater than three times the flow rate of the oil pump.

(3) The cross-sectional area of each hot platen is 6.28 cm2.

6.Hydraulic oil

(1) The use of hydraulic oil requires cleaning, and the oil should be replaced or filtered at regular intervals according to the actual situation. The time should be filtered or replaced every six months, and the sewage should be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals.

(2) The normal working temperature of the system is between 25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃.

7.Hydraulic system

(1) If there is any oil leakage on the mounting surface, joints and flanges of the hydraulic valve, the sealing ring should be replaced.

(2) The hydraulic system should be adjusted before work, mainly the upper and lower pointers of the pressure gauge. It must not be adjusted during work to avoid damaging the system. If maintenance is needed during production, professionals need to re-commission. It should be reset to zero, and maintenance with high voltage is strictly prohibited.

The above is the information about hot press maintenance and operation introduced by Hot Press Machine Supplier.

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