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How much do you know about the characteristics of the 30m Roller Veneer Dryer Plywood Veneer Drying Machine?

Feb. 12, 2019

This is continuous roller veneer dryer production line for core veneer and face veneer. The working width and working length of the Plywood Veneer Drying Machine can be customized according to the drying capacity you need.

30m Roller Veneer Dryer Plywood Veneer Drying Machine.jpg

Technical Specification:

Model NoBG2830
Working Width2800mm
Working Length30000mm
Working Layers2 Layers
Drying Thickness1.0-5.0mm
Length of Hot Air Room28000mm
Length of Cold Air Room2000mm
Drying Capacity50cbm/24hours
Motor Power30kw

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