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Heavy duty square timber multi-blade saw shipped to Portugal

Jan. 29, 2019

Portuguese customers placed a Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine, which is scheduled to ship to Portugal today.

Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine

The Heavy duty square timber multi-blade saw is a large-scale wood production and processing machine. The Multi Rip Saw Machinery has the following features:

1. The machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency, high stability, simple operation and maintenance, high material finish and no need for planing. It is dominant in the processing of large wooden processing equipment. This equipment is specially designed for the processing of wooden houses and wood preservatives. It is suitable for large-scale wood cutting and is suitable for large-scale production. The machine feeding table is customized according to customer needs.

2. Main Axis: Made from high-quality materials through quenching and tempering, chrome plating, dynamic balance treatment, high stability, wear-resistant rust

3. Cooling system: The multi blade rip saw production line adopts shaft core water spray technology, dustproof and environmental protection, protect the saw blade, ensure the saw blade continues to work, and extend the life of the saw blade

4. Main frame:mainframe integration,more stable performance,and the host box after aging treatment,durable without deformation.

5. Bearing: Select international famous brand SKF (SKF), dust-free heating assembly, high flexibility of spindle, extend the life of saw blade

01Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine for Square Timber
Min Working Width30mm50mm80mm90mm100mm
Max Working Width400mmUnlimitedUlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Mini Working Thickness30mm50mm80mm90mm100mm
Max Working Thickness80mm130mm160mm180mm200mm
Min Working Length500mm500mm800mm1000mm1000mm
Max Working LengthContinuous Feeding
Feeding MethodBy outside feeding conveyor
Motor Power44kw54kw60kw74kw90kw
Weight2700 kgs3000kgs3400kgs3500kgs3800kgs

Heavy duty square timber multi-blade saw

multi blade rip saw production line

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