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Regularly Add Lubricant To Machine Parts

Apr. 10, 2019

Here is Multi Blade Saw Machine Manufacturer talking about Regularly adding lubricant to machine parts.

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Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine

1. When using the sawmill, do not raise or lower the speed of the pulverizer casually, which will easily cause accidents. Remember not to suddenly speed up and suddenly slow down to use. To control the use of traffic.

2. When we use it, we should check it regularly to add lubricating oil, lubricants, grease, etc. to the machine parts. In general, it is good to check once in about two weeks to add lubricant to the parts. Make the machine work properly. It is easy to operate.

3. The sawing machine is not allowed to prevent other objects. Parts that are often used by small tools cannot be placed on a sawmill. When you hear an abnormal sound, do not disassemble the sawmill for inspection. Always turn off the power and wait until the machine stops running before checking.

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