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The Entire Sawing Process Is Automated

Apr. 12, 2019

Here is Log Cutting Saw Supplier talking about The entire sawing process is automated. 

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Veneer Rotary Cutting Machinery

Compared with sewing machines such as traditional band saws and circular saws, moving horizontal band saws have the following significant advantages:

1. Automation; the entire sawing process is automated, and the operation is very simple and easy. The operator does not need the sewing experience, and after a simple training, he becomes a skilled worker and does not need to spend expensive expenses to hire a professional sawing master to completely solve the problem of recruitment difficulties.

2. High precision; the entire sawing process is completely controlled by the computer integrated control system to control the thickness of the sawing, the accuracy is higher, for different hardness and density of wood, according to the force, choose a suitable feed speed, automatically feed to obtain Very good sawing effect, ensuring a smooth and flat swing plane.

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