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4ft Spindlelss Veneer Peeling Machine And Knife Grinder Machine Shipped To India

Aug. 28, 2019

Here is a professional Blade Grinder Supplier. Our products are well known overseas and successfully exported overseas. Recently, our company’s product 4ft spindlelss veneer peeling machine and Blade Grinding Machine shipped to India.

Our Blade Grinding Machine China has the following key features:

1.The knife grinder machine is mainly used in woodworking industry,paper making industry,printing industry,plastic industry,leather industry,metallurgy industry,

2.We can also make knife grinder for grinding knife length 2.0m,2.6m,3.2m,4.0m,5.0m,6.0m,7.0m until 10m

3.It uses the electromagnetic sucker worktable,suction is homogeneous,knife will not be distorted,grinding straightness accuracy is higher.

4.The electromagnetic sucker adopts the worm and gear drive system,driving mobility is better,angle rotating is accurate,and the big shaft structure makes it running stably.

5.The main frame is integrated-welded,which is resistant to deformation

6.The grinding head and sliding table is made of cast steel,the central lubrication system keeps the machines lubricated well

7.The sliding rod is made wearable steel bar,this makes the table runs stably and accurately.


Blade Grinding Machine


Blade Grinding Machine


Blade Grinding Machine


Blade Grinding Machine

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