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How To Choose Board Machine?

Mar. 02, 2019

Here is  Sawmill Cutting Machinery manufacturer talking about how to choose a board machine. 

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The type of splitter is quite small. It is estimated that there are more than twenty types. In the face of different layouts, how do we choose when we choose the splitter?

Sawmill Cutting Equipment

The first is that the chassis should be stable, because when cutting if the chassis is stable, the cutting accuracy will be guaranteed.

The second is to choose a good quality spindle because a good spindle will indirectly determine the cost, because the price of a spindle is not cheap, if you change frequently, it may lead to cost increases.

Third, it is necessary to have a good dust box. If the dust box is not very good, or the suction force of the dust box is too low, the cutting dust may not be washed in time, which will affect the progress of cutting. If the requirements for the PCB board are relatively high, then the dust cannot be cleaned up in time, and it is not acceptable.

Fourth, you can compare the quality and brand of the sales system and servo motors and other accessories.

Fifth, the after-sales aspect of splitter is also very important.

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