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Fire Board Production Line

Mar. 05, 2019

Here is Spindleless Veneer Production Line Supplier talking about Fire Board Production Line. 

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The products produced by the A2 fire board production line are suitable for interior decoration of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, stations, office buildings, wall skirts, ceilings, etc., and are also widely used in high-grade furniture, doors and compartments.

Product use: The products produced by the fire board production line are cheap and good, and the use of waste materials is an aspirational product to replace all kinds of wood boards. The products produced by the A2 fire board production line are cheap and good, and the use of waste materials is the ideal to replace various wood boards. product.

Spindleless Veneer Production Line

The production line has adopted a new process to change the combustible organic core material in the aluminum-plastic composite board production line into a new production process of non-combustible inorganic core material through a common process, and completed the A-level fire prevention function, and has integrated forming and automatic Continuous production function.

A2 fireproof board has a high level of fire protection function, is a non-combustible sheet, the flame continues to burn at zero, 1200C no fire, and reaches the highest fire non-combustible level A1

The A2 fireproof board is light in weight, compact in structure, good instability, non-deformable, wood-like resistance, excellent in impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile strength, and flexural resistance. It is rigid and tough and has high flexural strength.

A2 fireproof board is absolutely free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and harmful radioactive elements. It is smoke-free, non-toxic and has no odor.

The soundproofing function of the A2 fireproof board ensures the quiet and elegant living environment.

A2 grade fireproof board, the quality is stable and reliable, compared with other aluminum-plastic composite board production lines, it has a very high-cost performance. The processing device has excellent functions, and can be attached, cut, nailed, drilled, painted, planed, and conveyed conveniently, with excellent tolerance and not easy to crack.

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