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What’s The Professional Operation And Maintenance Of Log Peeling Machine?

Oct. 09, 2019

The Log Peeling Machine adopts the principle of rotary peeling, and uses the force of high-power air compressor to force the skin to peel off strongly, and the peeling rate is higher and more professional. In the use of the wood stripping machine, the use of more professional technology and operation is more conducive to the product's yield and life extension.

Log Peeling Machine

Log Peeling Machine

First of all, clear the operation points of the log peeling machine:

1. The machine must not be started before the safety guard is not good.

2. The work site should be spacious, to ensure ventilation and fire prevention, the operator should be neatly dressed, long hair tied and fixed, the power switch should be close to the operator, in order to break the power as soon as possible in the event of a fault. Do not allow hard objects to enter the machine to avoid damage to the human machine.

3. When checking the machine, the power must be extinguished.

4. Check whether the components are damaged, and replace and repair them in time.

5. Check that the circuit is safe and reliable to ensure the safety of the operator.

6. During the operation, attention should be paid to observing, inspecting and fastening the bolts of each transmission component to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

7. During the operation, the work should be continuous and uniform, otherwise it will affect the quality and efficiency of the work. At the end of the operation, it is not possible to stop immediately. It should continue to run for 3 to 5 minutes, so that all the materials in the machine can be drained before stopping, otherwise it will cause blockage inside the machine.

8. When the blockage occurs, stop immediately, and the standby device can be cleaned after it is completely stopped.

9. When the Log Peeling Machinery is running, the hand and arm should not touch the roller. Do not open or remove the protective cover. When the machine is working, the grass opening should not stand (see safety precautions and safety signs) to avoid personal injury.

10. When transporting and transferring, it should be lifted and laid flat. It should not be dropped or inverted, so as to avoid deformation and damage of the frame or parts.

Second, determine the maintenance of the log peeler:

In order to reduce the friction of the wood peeling machine, it is necessary to regularly add the butter to the log peeling machine. When decelerating, the oil level needs to be checked regularly. If after a period of production, it is found that the stripping speed of the wood stripping machine is slow or the effect is not satisfactory, generally the stripping teeth are seriously worn, and the stripping teeth need to be repaired by the wear-resistant welding rod.

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