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The Use And Characteristics Of Log Truncating Machine

May. 23, 2019

Today we Multi Blade Saw Factory come to summarize The Use And Characteristics Of Log Truncating Machine.

1. Multi Blade Saw Machine has always been the traditional use of the wood processing industry, but multi-saw saws are divided into single saw blades and multi-saw saws.

Multi Blade Saw Machine

2.  Multi-chip saw the main function is used for sawing square wood, processed into multi-standard square, large processing diameter, with smooth feeding, no burning saw blade, small sawing, high safety, etc., according to your wishes It is necessary to cut out the thickness of the sheet to replace the cushion sleeve, and to saw different plates, which are not limited in length and length, and can process various hardwoods such as poplar, pine, eucalyptus, fir, and green steel. It is a form of combining multiple saw blades together. The job requirements for a saw are usually not very high, even if the quality shortage does not have a big impact. 

However, the multi-blade saw is different, and its requirements for the saw blade are relatively high. Usually, the multi-saw blade is thin and pointed, the swing path should be small, the saw blade should be thin, and the plane cleanness must be advanced.

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