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What Are The Performance Characteristics Of The Automatic Log Wood Chipper?

May. 28, 2019

Here is Log Cutting Saw Supplier talking about What are the performance characteristics of the automatic log wood chipper.

Advantage 1: The automatic Log Cutting Saw Machine can directly cut the wood to the length of the log rounding machine and the peeling machine for the next processing. The automatic log wood chipper is sawn by the saw blade from the relatively fixed sawing between the wood. It is also accurate, and the traditional artificial sawing wood is inefficient and the edges of the sawed wood are different. It is easy to waste the corner wood and increase the industrial cost.

Advantage 2: When the automatic Log Cutting Saw Factory China is working, it can be operated by one person. Slowly let the wood be sequentially transported by the tooth hook chain to the saw blade for cutting, which reduces the labor cost. The original old way to cut wood needs 2 It takes time and effort to go to three people to work. The one-person operation is only for the sequential operation of the wood. The other end is directly transported to the designated position by the conveyor belt. The automatic log wood chipping machine reduces the labor cost. The general labor cost can be The price of the machine is saved within one year.


Advantage 3: Improve the working environment. The original sawing operation is a scene where the wooden whiskers fly, the price of the sharpening machine, and the working environment of the workers when the sawing wood is bad, the safety factor is low, the electromagnetic sharpening machine is easy to accidentally injured, and the automatic grinding is performed. The knife blade, and the saw blade part of the broken wood saw adopts the package plate design, which can reduce the flying phenomenon of the wood slag, and also makes the person away from the saw blade work and improves the safety factor. The automatic log wood chipper is a good tool for wood processing in the future work.

Carpenter log wood saws commonly used in the shape of teeth have left and right teeth (replacement teeth) flat teeth, flat teeth (concave teeth) inverted trapezoidal teeth (hump teeth) and rare industrial grade three left and right, left and right Flat teeth, etc., the left and right teeth are widely used, the cutting speed of the Logwood Cutting Machine is fast, the grinding is relatively simple, suitable for all kinds of logs, square wood, hardwood and so on.

Under normal working conditions, the sound of the automatic log woodcutter is rhythmic and stable and does not present noise. If there is harsh noise and unharmonious noise, then clarify that the device presents a problem. At this point, you should stop the machine and continue to use it after troubleshooting to extend the service life of the machine and the saw blade.

Usually, the material is bought back from the wood and started when the factory unloads the truck. The next step is to classify the wood. When classifying, of course, according to the type of wood, new materials, and old materials, but also refer to the length, diameter, size and pros and cons of the wood. The advantage is that it is quick and easy to find the wood of the required size when selecting materials, without the hassle. Secondly, the size of the material to be opened, such as thickness, length, width, and width, is determined according to the furniture design drawings, so it is necessary to study the drawings as early as possible. In addition to mastering the operation technology of the machine, the material-cutting master must adhere to two basic principles, that is, "long material cannot be sawed short, wide material cannot be narrowed." That is to say, under special circumstances, the material is only saved from the thickness of the wood. In some demanding factories, long saws are short-use and wide-cut saws are used, which is a very serious mistake. Most of the wood bases in ancient flat roofs and medium-tile roofs use wooden rafters, but sometimes the wood purchased on the construction site is wood.

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