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BM1600 Magnetic Blade Grinder Straight Knife Grinding Machine Shipped To Belgium

May. 31, 2019

Recently,we sent one set of BM1600 Auto Magnetic Knife Grinder Machine to Belgium customer,the machine will be shipped to Antiwerp Port,Belgium from Xingang,China,the ship will depart on 2nd July 2019.We packed the it with reinforced plywood case to protect it during the shipment . 

 Blade Sharpener

This knife sharpener is used to grind the knives in woodworking industry,paper making industry,leather making indusrty and other correlated industries,such as knives for wood veneer peeling machine and veneer cutter in plywood making industry,knives for paper cutter machines .etc. 

BM1600 model is for grinding the knives and blades with length equal to or less than 1600mm, we also have other models of blade sharpener for sharpening longer blades, BM2700,BM3200,BM4000 ,BM6000 etc.

This grinding machine consists of fiver parts,including main frame,electromagnetic worktable,grinding head,

cooling system,and grinding wheel.

Please click here: Video for Knife Grinder to check the working video of this machine .

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