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Spindleless Veneer Production Line Application Process

Mar. 11, 2019

In addition to the steel structure-related use, such as lap joint or self-locking, the composite board production line can also be used in lightweight insulation composite corrugated board, insulated chicken house board, new fireproof board, construction formwork, lightweight insulation composite flat panel. Inorganic FRP insulation composite board and other products.

Spindle Veneer Production Line

The die-pressing process of the Spindleless Veneer Production Line: the electric idea passes the pulley, drives the input shaft, passes the pinion, the large gear, drives the upper shaft, and drives the sliding seat with the upper mold to move up and down through a set of cam tissue to complete the pressing. A lubrication pump is installed in the left and right sides of the casing, and the lubricating oil is delivered to the frictional moving parts via the oil pipe during the operation of the machine. If there is no equipment, you can also choose gas cutting. In order to improve the overall quality of the gas cutting, a small-diameter nozzle is preferred, and after cutting, the hammer is lightly buckled to make the cutting flat to slag.

Spindleless Veneer Production Line

The blocking of the steel in the steel structure of the composite board production line should be carried out as much as possible in the shearing machine length, especially regarding the thin-walled steel roof truss, so that there is a strong requirement for operation. Unloading To ensure correctness, we recommend the electric sawing method, so that the ergonomics will be high, and the section is smooth and flat. The overall quality is also a suitable stick, and the length error can be controlled within ±1mm. The indexing of the workbench is carried out by the gear set mounted on the upper end of the shaft, the drive pin gear, and the grooved wheel mounted on the hexagonal wheel shaft to complete the indexing positioning, thereby ensuring the overall quality of the welding.

The Spindle Veneer Production Line can process new construction materials. This material is used more and more widely in construction. Compared with other construction materials, the processed products have high strength, lightweight and good thermal insulation. The products and processed products are also very beautiful in appearance, so there is no need to spend money on renovations. When it is processing products, it has high production efficiency and low noise, which reduces the cost of production. The products produced are in a variety of appearances, satisfying the aesthetic needs of different people in building walls, and also have the effect of thermal insulation. The composite board machine is equipped with advanced frequency control technology, which enables it to cut open in the operation and satisfy different needs. It can not only produce single-laminated panels but also produce general-shaped aluminum composite panels and spliced composite panels. The utility model saves the cost of purchasing products and improves the operation efficiency.

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