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Composite Board Production Line Process Flow

Mar. 13, 2019

Regarding the process flow of the Plywood Production Line, we must first select the panel and pay attention to the selection of the panel, it should be ensured that it has no spots, warpage, trachoma, depression, stains, etc. 

If the board does not see the effect, then spray the board with a water gun. After the face is judged whether the panel can be made.

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The process of the pre-composite process of the composite panel Hot Press Machinery For Plywood is that if the panel with the polished surface and the Internet is used, it should be selected and sent to the hand-held grinding machine for retreating, according to the flatness, the dry grinding, and leveling, but not the deep grinding; Fold off the mesh shovel flat surface glue. If the shovel cannot be removed, the grinding machine should be used to grind off the glue on the mesh surface to ensure the flatness of both sides.

1. The pre-composite process of the bottom plate: For the illuminating bottom plate, the bottom plate should be firstly re-glazed and then thickened. Generally, the 20mm bottom plate should be set to a thickness of 17mm. After the bottom plate is thickened, the water is removed. Can be pulled to the outside to dry, dry or blow dry, if the board is not dry, it cannot be glued, avoid delamination or not strong.

2. In the process of gluing and compounding, we need to check whether the panel and bottom plate of the composite board production line are dry and pick out the water-containing board. Adjust the glue, adjust the glue and calcium carbonate evenly, and adjust the color to the basic color of the panel. According to the climate humidity, the curing agent is added in an appropriate amount, and the ratio of the curing agent to the glue is 1 to 3%.

3. Then compound, first apply the adjusted glue evenly on the composite surface of the panel and the bottom plate of the composite board production line, and then overlap the rubber surface of the panel and the bottom plate, and then press the center of the plate repeatedly to let the air Run out, use the same method to put the bottom plate, then clamp the center clamp and clamp it, and do not leave the diagonal clip. After the four sides are clamped, check whether the clamp is clamped one by one. Check whether the glue on the four sides is even. Extrusion, otherwise there may be uneven glue.

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