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New Type 9ft Heavy Duty Servo Veneer Rotary Lathe Machine Shipped To Port Klang Malaysia

Oct. 11, 2017

Detailed Photos of This New Type 9ft Spindleless Veneer Peelng Machine

8ft core veneer peeler

Servo Motor and Servo Driving System

8ft core veneer peeler

Knife Table Made of Cast Steel,Will Not Deform,Suitable for Peeling Both Face Veneer

0.2mm and Thick Veneer 3.6mm

8ft core veneer peeler

Equipped With The Hard Teeth Face Gear Box,More Durable

Machine Weight Up To 13500 kg , Heavy Duty , Designed for Peeling All Kinds of 

Hardwood Logs,Eucalyptus, Rubber Wood, Keruing,Teak Wood etc.

8ft core veneer peeler ready for shipment

Packed Ready For Shipment

8ft core veneer peelerl loaded into container

Loaded Into Container

Specification of This Wood Veneer Peeling Machine

Max Peeling Length:      2600mm

Max Peeling Diameter:    400mm

Left Core Diameter:      30mm

Peeling Thickness:       0.2-2.6mm/1.5-3.6mm

Knife Size:              2700x180x16mm

Knife Table Material:    Cast Steel

Peeling Speed:           20-60m/min Adjustable By Inverter

Knife Press Method:      Pressed By Hydraulic Cylinder

Gearbox Type:            Hard Teeth Face Gearbox

Roller Motors:           9.0kwx4sets

Feeding Motor:           15kw Servo Motorx1set

Control System:          18kw Servo Drive

Dimension:               5400x2200x1400mm

Weight:                  13500 kg

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