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New Type 9ft Face Veneer Spindleless Peeling Lathe Machine

New Type 9ft Face Veneer Spindleless Peeling Lathe MachineNew Type 9ft Face Veneer Spindleless Peeling Lathe Machine

Technical Specification

Model No


Max Peeling Length


Max Peeling Diameter


Left Log Core Diameter


Peeling Thickness


Peeling Speed


Knife Table Material

Cast Steel

Gearbox Type

Hardened Surface Gearbox

Roller Motors

9.0kw x 4 sets

Feeding Motor

15kw Servo Motor x 1 set

Control System

18kw Servo Drive




12000 kg


1.Heavy Duty:The weight of this veneer lathe is up to 14000 kg,much heavier than other model of machines,so the machines runs very stable,and the peeling precision will be very good,and this makes it suitable for peeling all kinds of hardwood logs

2.Servo System:This veneer lathe is equipped with 11kw Servo motor and 15kw Servo Drive Inverter,the control precision is much better than normal motor and normal inverters

3.Cast Steel:Knife table made of cast steel,much more stronger than welding structure,will not deform forever and this will guarantee the thickness accuracy

4.Hardened Surface Gearbox:Hardened Surface gearbox reducers are used for rollers and for feeding,stronger than cycloid pin wheel reducer.

5.Sufficient Motor Power:4 sets of 9.0kw motors are used to drive the rollers,and 15kw servo motor to drive the feeding system,which can   suppler bigger torque and can peel different kind of hardwood logs 

6.Wide Thickness Range:This veneer lathe can peel thin as 0.2mm   and as thick as 3.6mm,one machine will meet your demand for peeling   different kinds of veneer,core veneer and face veneer peeled in one machine.

7.Double Slide-way System:It has double sliding way system   supporting the knife table,at the two ends are the surface slide system,and in the middle are the dove tail slide system supporting,

so the knife table runs smoothly and stably,which will make the veneer very beautiful.

8.High Rigidity Rollers:Rollers are quenched and chrome plated, rigidity is better and harder,service life longer.

9.Bearings Well Sealed:All bearings are attached with seals,which makes the bearings better lubricated and can be used for longer time .

10.Popular in South East Asia:we have agent in India,Indonesia and Malaysia,they are selling this model in their countries and the selling is very good,customers think highly of this machine because of its good veneer quality and good machine performance.


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