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Selection Points Of Aluminum-plastic Composite Board Production Line

Mar. 20, 2019

Here is Core Veneer Peeling Equipment Manufacturer talking about Selection Points Of Aluminum-plastic Composite Board Production Line. 

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Core Veneer Peeling Equipment

1. Look - whether the aluminum-plastic composite board production line is smooth and smooth, without ripples, bubbling, shelter, and scratches.

2. Measurement - Measure whether the aluminum-plastic composite panel meets the requirements, the inner wall panel is 3mm, the outer wall panel is 4mm or more, and the thickness of the aluminum is necessary to be 0.5mm.

3. Fold - a corner of the aluminum-plastic panel, easy to crack is not PE material or doping makes false.

4. Burning - aluminum composite plate center material, the real PE is completely burned, doping makes the fake after burning has impurities.

5. Planning - when the groove is bent, see if the front is cracked.

6. Drip-butanone distinguishes the fluorocarbon coating on the outer wall panel. The xylene is divided into the inner wall panel coating. After 5 minutes, the reagent is wiped off to see if it is exposed.

7. To - ask for the manufacturer's quality inspection statement, quality assurance book, ISO-9002 world quality certification, manufacturers with these are regular manufacturers, can guarantee product quality, equal price than quality, equal quality than price.

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