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How To Maintain Plywood?

Mar. 21, 2019

As a manufacturer of Plywood Veneer Peeling Machine, we will discuss How to maintain plywood with you.

First, the  plywood should be cut, saw, nailed, punched, should pay attention to matters

1. When using the  plywood for the first time, the  plywood is to be cut with an alloy saw blade of 100 teeth or more and a sawing machine with a track;

2. If you need to build a form with different shapes and sizes, use a portable electric saw to cut it;

3. In addition, when the mold iron nails may be punched, the wood must be placed under the template to prevent the scar on the reverse side of the plywood due to the hanging;

4. The margins of all the Plywood Machine Supplier plywood are sealed by edge-sealing paint to reduce the water penetration. After cutting and punching, all the edges of the cutting edges and the edges of the holes should be coated with suitable waterproof paint to prevent the template from absorbing water. And the deformation is cracked.

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Second, the plywood should be occluded during transportation

When transporting, you should pay attention to the choice of transportation tools with good shielding effect, perhaps covered with plastic cloth and thin felt to prevent the sun and rain during transportation, and prevent the building formwork from being in a short time due to the natural environment. 

Third, after the unloading of the car should be placed in order to prevent the sun and rain.

After unloading, it should be stacked on the flat ground. It should be noted that the board and the ground cannot be directly touched, use the wooden side to separate the layers, adhere to the template ventilation, together with the occlusion, to prevent sun and rain.

In addition, in order to prevent the aging of the outer surface of the plywood, it is necessary to prevent exposure to sunlight.

If the storage environment is humid, the outer packaging and packing tape should be removed to prevent deformation. When the second transfer is carried out, it should be bundled from the head to prevent slipping and loss.

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