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Pre-drying Process For Wood Drying Equipment

Mar. 22, 2019

Today we Veneer Dryer Equipment manufacturers come to summarize the Pre-drying process for wood drying equipment.

Veneer Dryer Equipment

1. Air-drying drying: The sawn timber is stacked in the yard for air drying so that the water content reaches 20% to 30%, and then the kiln is dried. The Wood Veneer Drying Machinery of drying method combining air drying and kiln drying is more economical, which can increase the drying kiln productivity by about 40% and reduce the loss by 60%. However, air drying requires a large area and must be strictly managed. The mahogany furniture factory is suitable for natural air drying.

 2. Low-temperature pre-drying: The board is placed in a pre-drying kiln for drying. The kiln is equipped with a fan and a ventilation duct. The wind speed of the airflow through the pile is 1.0-1.5 m/min and the temperature is 20-40 °C. The low-temperature pre-drying kiln can be constructed with wooden components, the internal ventilation device and the heating device have a small capacity, and the low-temperature pre-drying cycle is shorter than the air drying, and the loss is small.

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