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Precautions for the Use and Maintenance of the Hydraulic Station for Plywood Hot Press Machines

Jan. 03, 2024

As manufacturer of plywood machines,today we will tell you how to use and maintain the hydraulic station of plywood hot press machine correctly

1. It is recommended to use No. 32 and No. 46 high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil for hydraulic stations. The most suitable working temperature is 30℃-50℃, but it is prohibited to drive when the oil temperature is lower than 15℃ or higher than 60℃. To adjust the oil temperature, it can be heated or cooled in advance.


2. The most important thing for hydraulic transmission is that the oil becomes dirty and deteriorates. Otherwise, dust will stick to the oil suction filter, which will increase the noise, reduce the life of the pump and many other problems. According to statistics, 80% of hydraulic system failures are caused by unclean hydraulic oil. Therefore, attention must be paid to always keeping the oil clean during use. In dusty environments, institutions should consider additional dust-proof and other measures.


3. You should be familiar with the operating characteristics of the hydraulic parts control mechanism to prevent accidents caused by adjustment errors. You should pay attention to the relationship between the rotation direction of the adjustment handle of each hydraulic part and changes in pressure and flow.

4. Do not disassemble the hydraulic system easily. Removed components must be kept strictly clean and stored in a dust-free location. Cleaning, inspection, and assembly and disassembly of hydraulic parts should also be done in a dust-free location to minimize the chance of impurities entering the system.


5. In order to maintain good operation, working accuracy, and extend the service life of the equipment, regular inspection and maintenance work is very important. Check whether the connections and fasteners in the system are loose, whether the hydraulic oil is leaking, whether the valve action is reliable, the noise and heat of the pump, the increase in oil temperature and contamination, etc., should be checked in time.

6. Within one week of the first month after the new equipment is put into use, you must check all the fasteners of the entire equipment for looseness, seals and hydraulic parts for oil leakage and pressure plate air leakage every day before starting the machine. If necessary, the vehicle should be stopped immediately for maintenance to avoid losses caused by working while sick. Check once every 3 days after one week. Check once every 10 days in the second month. From now on, check every half month (15 days).

Note: The bolts for the fixing block of the hot press plates of the plywood hot press machine must be checked frequently to prevent loosening and serious consequences.

7. The hydraulic oil tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil after about one month of use. When injecting new oil, it should be filtered through a filter with a mesh size of more than 120, and all tools must be kept clean. In the future, it should be cleaned or changed every six months.

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