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Using Manual of the Control Box of Spindleless Veneer Peeler Servo Type

Dec. 21, 2023

As manufacturer of veneer and plywood machines,today we will continue to share the using manual of the conrol box of our servo type spindleless veneer peeler,

Ⅳ Status Monitor and Fault Analysis

1.Status Monitoring

screen page of the control box of spindleless veneer peeeler.jpg

Feeding Status Monitor,to monitor the status of the servo current,speed,encoder and other status.

Feeding Input Output Point,to monitor the status of the input point and output point of theFeeding servo.

Inverter Status Monitor,to monitor the staturs of the current and voltage of the double rollers,single roller,cutter rubber roller and cutter blade.

Inverter Input Output Point,to monitor the status of the input and output point of the double rollers,single roller,cutter rubber roller and cutter blade. 

2.Fault Assistance

screen page of the control box of the spindleless veneer lathe

You can check the current fault and historical alarm records again.

Appendix 01 List of Servo Alarms

If the servo controller breaks down, its protection function will act and the fault information will be displayed at the same time.The fault number is displayed in the programmer and the operator. And the protection function is activated, the fault ALM is output while the fault information is displayed. When the protection function is working, the cause should be found out as soon as possible and the fault should be eliminated. Please refer to the table below for fault information.



Fault Name

Fault Analysis and Countermeasures
















Overcurrent protection/

Heat Alarm/

Driving Power Undervoltage


1. Whether the motor is in an overload state. Avoid unreasonable operations such as continuous working of the motor above the rated specification or frequent rapid acceleration and deceleration. In addition, whether the mechanical part is faulty.

2.Whether the motor cable is short-circuited between wires. If a short circuit occurs between the wires, repair the short circuit or replace the power cable.

3.Whether the motor cable has a short circuit to the ground. If a short circuit to ground occurs, repair the short circuit or replace the power cable.

4.Whether the motor is burned out and whether the insulation capacity is reduced. Use a multimeter to measure whether the impedance at each time is the same, and whether the impedance between the motor housing and each phase is the same. If the impedance is different, the motor may burn out. In addition, you can also see whether the motor has an odor.

5.Whether the motor vibrates. Check the parameter setting value again, and adjust the parameter until the motor does not vibrate.

6Whether the controller body is overheated. Check whether the cooling device (heat sink, fan) is faulty. If the controller is placed in a high temperature environment, take cooling measures to its body.

1. If frequent over-current faults occur, high-power transistors will be damaged. In this case, please turn off the power quickly. After investigating the cause of the failure and dealing with it, turn on the power again.

2.For the controller with unknown cause, please do not replace the motor before finding out.

3.Turning on the power supply or replacing the unit part without taking any measures will cause a secondary disaster, which may result in burning and damage to the unit and components.


Main circuit


1.Whether to add the correct power supply voltage as required. Use a voltmeter to measure the power supply voltage. Measure whether the same voltage is AC380V±20% at the power supply input terminal R.S.T.

2.Whether the high-power machinery around the power grid causes voltage fluctuations, use surge absorbers and absorption capacitors to eliminate surge voltage.

3.Whether the deceleration time is too short.

4.Whether a braking resistor(external) is installed;Whether the braking resistor is broken or wrong;Whether the resistance and power of the braking resistance are correct.


1. Extend the deceleration time

2. Reduce the resistance of the braking resistor

3. Reduce the power supply voltage to the specified range



Main circuit  undervoltage or phase loss

1.The input power voltage is too low

2.The input power supply lacks phase

3.Instantaneous power failure

4.The wiring terminal of the input power supply is loose

5.The input power supply voltage fluctuates too much


Check the power input side,find out the cause and restart.


The encoding disc detection


1.Whether the code disc body is faulty.In a dusty,oil and iron-rich environment,these substances may infiltrate the gap of the code disc and damage the internal circuit board.

2.Whether the coupling is faulty,whether the crews fixing the coupling are loose.

3.Whether the plug and socket are connected correctly.

4.Whether the code disc signal line adopts the twisted-pair shielded cable

5.Whether the code disc signal line is placed separately from the power cable(above 40cm away)


Wrong wire,disconnection,parameter setting and other reasons can cause the motors rotation direction,speed and operation failure.Continue to run will cause burning of the motor,damage to the mechanical device and damage to the controller.In the event of a motor failure,please stop the operation quickly,check the wires and confirm the parameters.



1. Whether the motor is in an overload state.Avoid unreasonable operations such as continuous running of motor above rated torque,or frequent rapid acceleration and deceleration.Whether there is a fault on the machine side

2.Confirm the code disc connection.Check whether there is a wrong wire or disconnection,check the output pulse waveform of the code disc.

3.Whether the wiring of the motor is correct.

4.Whether the brake of the motor is in the open state.

5.Whether the parameter setting value of the Er11(overload fault)is wrong.

6.Whether the coupling of the code disc is skewed,whether the mounting screws are loose.

7.Whether the setting of the parameter of code disc correction parameter is correct


Current detection failure

Hardware malfunction

Replace the controller




1. The motor is blocked or overloaded

2. The motor phase sequence is wrong

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