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Do You Know The Advantages Of Wood Processing By Log Peeling Machine?

Sep. 18, 2019

In the era of mechanization, artificially produced castings have withdrawn from the historical stage, and machine production has begun to enter our lives. The Log Peeling Equipment China is a mechanical device for peeling logs. The degree of peeling is relatively clean, the productivity is high, the damage to wood is small, and the operation is simple and convenient. It is favored by the timber industry.

Log Peeling Equipment China

Log Peeling Equipment China

As a professional China Sawmill Machines Supplier, we know that the wood stripping machine can realize the simultaneous feeding and discharging setting in the production process, and the sectional working mode can effectively improve the production efficiency. The stripping machine has good adaptability and can be peeled off for different species without caliber wood, and the peeling effect is good. The sturdy structural design, the device has low energy consumption, low failure rate, small maintenance workload, small vibration and noise, simple installation, convenient operation, which can effectively replace artificial peeling, reduce the work intensity of workers, and save production time.

The wood stripping machine is a wood processing machinery and equipment. It is easy to use and has low production cost, and less damage to materials. It effectively improves the production efficiency of wood processing and saves production costs.

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