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Spindleless Veneer Lathe With Clipper Builtin 2 In One

Spindleless Veneer Lathe With Clipper Builtin 2 In OneSpindleless Veneer Lathe With Clipper Builtin 2 In One

 Technical Specification:

Model No.


Max Peeling Lathe

 1300 mm

Max Peeling Diameter

 360 mm

Left Log Diameter

 26 mm

Peeling Thickness


Thickness Error

±0.05 mm

Peeling Speed


Knife Size

1400x180x16 mm

Roller Diameter

102 mm

Roller Motors

7.5kwx1set,5.5kw x 1 set

Feed Motor

5.5kw   motor x 1 set

Control System



3500x1900x1350   mm


4000 kg

Key Features:

1. 2 in One:Two functions veneer peeling machine and veneer clipper combined in one machine,so no need to buy another veneer clipping machine

2.Save Labor Cost: As the veneer will be directly cutted after peeling ,so no need one worker between clipping machine and peeling machine ,

3.Make Full Use of Wood Log: This machine can keep the last piece of veneer full size,lets say , you are peeling and cutting veneer 1270x640 ,   it can make the last piece right size 640 width ,so you can will make more   profit .

To see the working video of this machine,pls click here: Veneer Rotary Lathe

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