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Heavy Duty Spindleless Veneer Peeling Lathe Speed 30-80m/min

Heavy Duty Spindleless Veneer Peeling Lathe Speed 30-80m/min

Technical Specification:

Model No.


Max Peeling Length


Knife Length


Max Peeling Diameter


Left Log Diameter


Peeling Thickness


Peeling Speed


Motor For Rollers

5.5kw x 4 sets

Motor For Feeding

11kw Servo Motor x 1 set

Control System

Inverter + PLC

Knife Table Material

Cast Steel

Gearbox Reducer Type

Hard Tooth Face Gearbox Reducer





Key Features:

1.Heavy Duty:Heavy duty spindleless peeling machine, fit for eucalyptus ,rubber wood etc hardwood logs.

2.Servo System:Servo motor for feeding and servo drive control ,accuracy and service life is better than normal motor and normal inverter drive.

3.Cast Steel:Knife table made of cast steel,much more stronger than welding structure 

4.Double Screw Nut:Each side two screw nuts,front and rear screw nuts,which makes the feeding more stable and balance is better,and the accuracy of veneer will be much better .

5.Hard Teeth Face Gearbox:Hard teeth face gearbox reducers are used for rollers and for feeding , stronger than cycloid pin wheel reducer.

6.Sufficient Motor Power: 4 sets of 5.5kw motors are used to drive the rollers,which can suppler bigger force and can peel different kind of hardwood logs .

7.High Rigidity Rollers:Rollers are quenched and chrome plated,rigidity is better and harder,service life longer .

8.Speed Variable:Rollers are controlled by big inverters,the speed adjustable from 0-80m, peeling thickness range 0.6-5.0mm

9.New Type Bearing Bracket: Roller bearing bracket open-design,convenient to change bearings .

10.Bearings Well Sealed:All bearings are attached with seals,which makes the bearings better lubricated and can be used for longer time   .

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